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Can I be sedated during treatment?

At Kinsey Smiles, we offer oral sedation for patients who need additional help relaxing during their procedure.

Many patients experience dental anxiety, and it is nothing to feel ashamed about. Oral sedation uses prescription medication and is safe for most patients. We will evaluate your medical history to determine if it will work safely for you.

Our entire clinical staff has received additional training to offer oral sedation safely. We monitor your vitals during your procedure, as an additional way to protect your health.

Oral sedation will leave you feeling groggy and tired after your appointment, so we will require that you arrange a ride home from your appointment and that you take it easy for the rest of the day. You can resume your normal activities the next morning, as long as you are feeling up to it.

Studies show that many people with a fear of the dentist avoid even routine appointments designed to protect their oral health. As a result, serious dental conditions can develop and eventually require an emergency dental exam. A dental emergency is never ideal.

Our entire team at Kinsey Smiles looks forward to helping you get the dental care you need to stay healthy while enjoying a comfortable experience.

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