Tooth-Colored Fillings in Dacula, GA

Most people will require at least one filling at some point during their lives. Up until a few decades ago, a silver amalgam filling was the most common way to fix a tooth after decay because it offered the most reliable and durable results.

Today, however, tooth-colored fillings are more common and often preferred among patients. Advancements in materials along with application of composite fillings can provide durable results that do not negatively impact your smile.

What Causes Dental Decay?

You’re probably aware that avoiding sugar helps prevent dental decay. It is not the sugar directly that destroys enamel, however.

Bacteria produce an acidic byproduct that softens enamel. You guessed it; their favorite food is sugar. In the right environment, bacteria multiply rapidly, which is why cleaning your teeth is so important.

Sugar is only part of the story when it comes to avoiding cavities. Starchy foods, such as bread, bagels, crackers, and cereal, quickly convert to sugar when exposed to saliva as you chew, so these foods also promote decay. 

Acidic energy drinks and sodas amplify the problem since they often contain sugar and are already acidic in nature.

Brushing and flossing at home is an essential part of good oral care. Your regular professional dental cleanings will remove tartar, which naturally collects between appointments, so you can enjoy a cavity-free smile.

When a cavity does occur, Kinsey Smiles offers tooth-colored options to blend in with your teeth.

Diagnosing Dental Caries (Decay)

Early diagnosis of a cavity can save you a lot of hassle. Regular dental x-rays and exams with Dr. Kinsey are the best way to identify if you have a cavity.

Dental decay does not usually have symptoms until it is quite advanced, which is why routine dental visits are so important. By the time a cavity hurts, you may need a root canal or you might need to have your tooth removed.

We use digital x-rays in our Dacula dental office for increased safety and accuracy.

How Tooth-Colored Fillings Work

Dr. Kinsey will always ensure your comfort prior to beginning any treatment. Not all cavities will require anesthetic. 

After he removes any sign of decay and bacteria, he will fill the cavity with a composite material that matches the shade of your tooth.

After curing the filling with a special light to harden the material, Dr. Kinsey will polish the filling to make it smooth and shiny. When you smile and laugh, no one will even notice you have a filling.

You can eat on your filling right away, but if you still feel numb, be careful when you chew. You may accidentally bite the inside of your cheek or tongue.

Are You Ready to Protect Your Smile?

We welcome you to contact Kinsey Smiles to schedule a dental exam. Dr. Kinsey will always discuss all of your conditions with you, as well as all of your treatment options so you can make the right choice for your smile.