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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Veneers

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Some of our most common questions are listed right here. 


EXCELLENT dentistry should last many years!

We use only the highest quality dental materials and labs available.  We do excellent work with great attention to details so tooth restorations can last indefinitely. Certain factors that affect the longevity of restorative dentistry can include a patient’s home care habits, how consistent a patient is with professional care and preventive maintenance, whether or not a patient clenches or grinds their teeth, whether or not a patient smokes or has gum disease, as well as many other variables. 


We have found that one of the best ways to accomplish this begins with an accurate diagnosis which includes diagnostic digital photographs and 3-D models of your teeth.

After a thorough interview to understand your goals, and equally thorough exam to gather all of the data needed, we can systematically analyze the data and the photos and the models and come up with several excellent options. We would then meet with you and take you on a tour of your mouth using the photos and discuss what can be done to restore your mouth to excellent health, function and aesthetics. In advanced cases, treatment can also be phased so to fit your schedule and budget.

We offer professional whitening for dark or discolored teeth. In addition, we can provide patients with Invisalign clear aligners to easily resolve crowded, crooked or rotated teeth. We also offer a variety of restorative solutions using the latest techniques and materials which can restore your teeth to a more aesthetically pleasing size, shape, and color - most commonly done using state of the art porcelain veneers or crowns. We also offer solutions for missing teeth which most commonly include dental implants or tooth colored bridges-both of which can be very aesthetic while restoring function.

Restorative dentistry can include any procedure that restores natural tooth structure. This can include fillings to restore the internal structure, and porcelain veneers to restore worn, chipped or cracked teeth. Restorative dentistry can also include crowns to cover and restore teeth back to their natural size, shape, and strength. Bridges and dental implants can be used to restore and replace missing teeth.

Dental Bonding and Porcelain Veneers are both dental procedures that can change the size, shape and color of your teeth and ultimately enhance the appearance of your smile.  The result of both procedures can be the same but there are differences.


Dental bonding utilizes a tooth-colored resin material which is adhered directly to the teeth and then shaped and polished to the desired result.

Porcelain veneers are made from a thin shell of porcelain in a dental lab that is then adhered directly to the teeth.


Dental bonding is usually accomplished in a single visit.

Porcelain veneers typically require two visits – the first visit consists of preparing the teeth and making an impression/mold and the second visit consist of permanently adhering the veneers to the teeth. 

Tooth Preparation:

Dental bonding usually requires little or no tooth preparation depending on the circumstances.

Porcelain veneers usually require a very small amount of enamel to be removed in order to create space for the new veneer to adhere to the teeth and provide a natural shape and contour.

Longevity and Results:

Both procedures can provide long-lasting and highly esthetic results.  Typically speaking, because porcelain veneers are made from a harder material and by a highly trained dental lab professional who specializes in the fabrication of esthetic restorations, they often provide a superior esthetic result as well as greater strength and longevity.


In most cases, porcelain veneers are going to have a higher cost than dental bonding due to requiring multiple appointments as well as an associated lab fee.  However, when you factor in the longevity and superior esthetic results of porcelain veneers, the long term costs are comparable and may even be less with porcelain veneers.  In all porcelain veneer cases, we have a thin mouthguard made for patients to wear during sleep to combat against potentially harmful effects of nighttime clenching and grinding.


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