Preventive Dentistry at Kinsey Smiles

With personalized preventive dentistry, Dr. Kinsey and our team can help patients avoid many common dental conditions that put your oral health and smile at risk. No two patients are alike, and we work with individual patients to help them meet their health and cosmetic goals with customized treatment plans for every budget and lifestyle.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Your dental exam is your time with Dr. Kinsey. We welcome you to bring any changes or concerns you have noticed to our attention.

You may notice that our dental exams are a bit different because they are more comprehensive. In addition to looking at each tooth and evaluating your gum health, we also evaluate your entire mouth for improved oral health:

  • Jaw and bite evaluation
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Wisdom teeth evaluation

At Kinsey Smiles, we use digital x-rays to assist in accurate diagnosis. With up to 80 percent reduced radiation, this is the safest option available.

Feeling confident about the way you look is important. If you are considering a change, we are happy to discuss cosmetic options as well.

When you have your teeth cleaned at Kinsey Smiles, you can count on walking out the door with a clean, fresh feeling. Our hygienists are gentle and thorough. Their knowledge will help you improve your oral health at home. We love sharing valuable information with our patients.

When you need periodontal treatment due to gum disease, our hygiene team will spend the extra time necessary to remove built-up tartar and bacteria that can cause tooth loss. If you need a deep cleaning to restore your health, we will make sure you feel completely comfortable with the proper anesthetic and even sedation dentistry if you have anxiety about your treatment.

Other Preventive Dentistry Services

In addition to exams and dental cleanings, Dr. Kinsey may recommend additional preventive dentistry to help you stay healthy and comfortable.

Fluoride treatments – help prevent decay by strengthening enamel
Sealant application – protects the deep grooves in your teeth from developing cavities
Sports mouthguard – for active kids and adults who play sports or have an adventurous spirit that may put their teeth at risk
Nightguard – to protect teeth from a grinding habit, called bruxism
Occlusal splint – to relax inflamed jaw joints and provide pain relief

Preventive Dentistry for the Whole Family

Your health changes throughout your lifetime. Hormonal changes, dietary changes, and even pregnancy can cause a change in the health of your teeth and gums. We will help you and every member of your family enjoy a comfortable and beautiful smile throughout these life stages.

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If you want a dental team with a focus on protecting the health and beauty of your smile, give our Dacula dental office a call. We always welcome new patients and offer personalized care with you in mind.